Splashing the BlueBreeze – November 2019

The term “splashing” is used by shipyards to mean putting the boat back in the water.  We got quite a lot of projects taken care of the past summer in addition to protecting the BlueBreeze from hurricanes.  Thankfully we missed Dorian and there were no other hurricanes that struck the Port Charlotte area.  The projects were:

Prep and paint the bottom.  This has to be done every 3 to 5 years depending on how much you stay at the dock and how much stuff that is in the water to cause fouling.

Remove the old name of “EOS” and put on the registered name of “BlueBreze” and home port of Cape Coral, Florida.  This was done by Dan”s Signs in Punta Gorda.  He did a great job.

We took down the sails and had them serviced by Sail Technologies/Gulfcoast Sailing, Inc.  After years of use, some of the stitching comes out and the cover material deteriorated.  The leech lines needed to be replaced and other more technical stuff was repaired.

We had a cover made for the instrument pedestal.

We took off the canvas and waterproofed it.

Once we moved it to our slip at Burnt Store Marina, we had the batteries replaced with 6 Lifeline 6 volt installed.  this should give us plenty of power for all of the 12 Volt power needs.  The solar panels we bought last year should keep them topped off.

We had a charger installed onto the instrument cluster to power the iPad that we use for navigating.

We had the rigging checked by Gulf Coast Rigging and had some of the running rigging replaced.  (Running rigging are the lines for halyards, in-hauls and out-hauls.  The standing rigging checked out ok.

The folks at Safe Cove Marina in Port Charlotte did a great job of hauling, securing, cleaning, painting the bottom and splashing the boat.

Below are some pictures:

BlueBreeze on blocks, note tie downs

BlueBreeze showing off her new name

BlueBreeze being transported to launch.

BlueBreeze being transported to launch.

BlueBreeze at launch


BlueBreeze in slip at Burnt Store Marina

Boat in the slip at Burnt Store Marina

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  1. Enjoy!! Love, Mike and Ardith

    1. Thanks. Hope to get you out this season😘

  2. Pretty exciting guys! I bet you are itching to be full sail again! Blue Breeze is looking good!

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