November 10, 2018 – Vandemere, NC to Royal Thurman Anchorage

We came back to the ICW from Vandemere, NC which is on the Bay River.  When we reached the ICW and turned SW, we were able to put up the jib and reduced the motor RPM’s to save fuel.  It’s also quieter with the sail up. We had it up all the way down the Neuse River which was about 2 ½ hours. This river is described as treacherous by some but while being on a run and then beam reach, it made for a calm ride.  The ICW then turned into Adams Creek and we anchored just north of Bear Creek and east of the ICW.  As we cooked dinner, we saw another beautiful sunset. It was rather windy when we arrived and the wind continued all night. It got down into the mid-forty’s overnight. Except for the wind this was a nice anchorage.  The sun did come out and having the sail up for such a long time was encouraging.


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  1. Another sail and sunset. Warmer days ahead.

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