November 7, 2018 – Alligator River Marina to Tuckahoe Point Anchorage

Today was our best day so far on this adventure! We departed the Alligator River Marina and requested a  bridge opening of the Alligator River Bridge, a swing bridge.  Proficiency with use of the radio has come a long way.  The wind was coming out of the northeast and after getting thru the bridge we decided to try putting up the sails for the first time since making the purchase. Either rough weather or restrictive channels made it difficult to imagine trying out.  We put up the jib and all went well. We then furled the jib which also went smoothly. We then put up the main sail and the jib. It was so nice to shut off the engine and be sailing with the wind, it was so peaceful. What a perfect sail! 

At the south end of the alligator river, we came to our anchorage at Tuckahoe Point.  By sunset, there were 13 boats in addition to us. We arrived early as this was a great stopping off prior to the 20 mile canal next on the ICW.  Upon arriving at our anchorage, we enjoyed lunch at our cockpit table.  After lunch, I took advantage of some extra time and did the repair of the aft toilet. Still had the wrong parts but at least it worked with minor leaking. The sunset was stunning as you can see from the photos. We had sundowners on the deck and enjoyed the sunset and peace and quiet of the evening.


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  1. Nice sail trim! The pleasure of sail only – Yeah! Beautiful sunset.

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