November 3, 2018 – Hampton, Virginia to Great Bridge in Virginia

Today after another rough ride in the Chesapeake, we arrived at the famous Hampton Roads, between Hampton and Norfolk, Virginia.  It is one of the busiest waterways in the country. There was a lot of boat traffic but thank goodness we had very little Navel traffic.  The regulation is to stay within 500 yards from military vehicles. Along the route were numerous naval ships of all kinds in port.

When we reached the point where Norfolk/Portsmouth was on one side of the river and Elizabeth River on the other is Red Marker 36 which is mile marker 1 on the ICW.  

From there we continued south on the ICW and had the experience of going thru railroad bridges that remain open unless a train comes along, bridges that are tall enough that don’t need to open (standard usually of 65’) and one that we had to wait for it to open.. The last hurdle was a lock at Great Bridge, VA.  We took a spot on the free dock just south of the Great Bridge Lock.


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  1. Wow! Day seven in the log. ICW ahead.

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