November 4, 2018 – Great Bridge to Pungo Ferry Bridge Anchorage

Today we pulled away from the free dockage and immediately went under the Great Bridge which is a drawbridge at the 9:00 a.m. opening. From there we went under and thru several draw bridges until not far after North Landing bridge, where the ICW is actually the North Landing River, we ran out of gas. It turns out that the fuel gauge doesn’t work. In fact, we now understand that the gauge doesn’t work on a lot of boats.  We already had SeaTow who we called to bring us some gas. They were located quite a distance away so we called BoatUS and they were closer so the representative headed our way with 20 gallons of fuel. I had just purchased an annual subscription to their service two days prior. It took about 3 hours for him to get there as he was delayed at the locks at Great Bridge. It took a lot of cranking but finally it started. We headed on south and a few miles further on we came to what was remaining of an abandoned marina that still had the pilings so we tied up there for the night. It was a trying day to say the least, but we are quite sure that running out of fuel will not occur again.  From here out, we will be calculating our mileage/gas usage.

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  1. Interesting story – fuel gauge not working – who’d a thunk? Lots of calculations to consider.

  2. So many things to learn! You two are awesome! 💞

    1. Each and every day. It’s a good feeling and yet, no meaningful mishaps.

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