December 5, 2018 – Ft. Pierce, FL to Singer Island Anchorage, West Palm Beach, FL

After a wonderful visit to Lake Placid and to see Ann’s Mom for 3 days, we are back on the BlueBreeze.  As with every return to the coach, returning to our sailboat felt great!  A big shout out to friends Ann, Paul, Ardith, and Mike for helping to make our little trip possible.

You might remember that while in Ft. Pierce, we had to have repairs to the instruments on the top of the mast including the anchor light.  He showed up and had to go to the top of the mast in a Bosun’s chair.  We also bought new house batteries which were installed while docked at Harbortown Marina.









We started out our day right this morning with a departure out of the marina slip that was as they say ‘textbook’, our best yet!

Our plan had been to go out the Ft Pierce inlet and run along the coast to the Palm Beach Inlet.  After looking at the weather forecast we decided to continue down the ICW.  This meant that we had to go under or thru 11 bridges.  Seven of the bridges were draw bridges which required opening either on demand or on a fixed schedule.  This took a lot of extra time so we got to our anchorage at dusk and anchored in the dark.  A longer day than we had planned.  Our anchorage was not a problem but setting the anchor in the dark with a strong wind and a colossal amount of boats.

Our anchorage was near the boat ramp where we used to put in our first boat back in the mid-70’s.  It was a Newport 16 that had a small cabin with a V berth.

While waiting for a bridge, we caught this picture of the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse.

The cables look so low but we are assured there is 90’ clearance in the ICW channel.








In the ICW.  True wind was close to 20 knots at times.


Tomorrow we plan on going out of the Palm Beach Inlet and along the coast to the Ft Lauderdale Inlet to an anchorage there tomorrow night.

A friend asked that we provide more detail as to what we eat while cruising, so here goes….tonight we enjoyed baked chicken, red potatoes, and peas.  We marinated the chicken while underway at noon time.  We also enjoyed a can of Amy’s Organic French Country Vegetable for lunch heated while underway as it was rather cold with the wind coming from the north.


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  1. Returning to your new home on the BlueBreeze feels good – so happy for you two! Best wishes on this section of sailing.

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