December 7, 2018 – Lake Sylvia Anchorage, Ft. Lauderdale, FL to Key Biscayne Anchorage

Today was a glorious day, there is just no other way to put it.  We departed the Lake Sylvia anchorage and made it to the 17 St. Bridge for the 8 o’clock opening.  Once out into the ocean, we put up the sails and like yesterday, sailed about a half mile off of the beach all the way down to Key Biscayne.  Seeing the beaches along the way brought back so many memories for me such as snorkeling near the Dania Bech Pier, Hollywood Beach where I used to go with my parents to the beach every Saturday, Sunny Isles and Haulover where I spent my teen years surfing.

This is Sunny Isles Pier but in my day there were none of these high rise hotels and condos.


Biscayne Bay and Key Biscayne also brought back many memories such as fishing with my father and having dolphin swim with the boat as we were going out.  Also there was a zoo at Crandon Park which we would take all of my cousins when they would visit.  We had planned on going further but as we get into the keys, our draft (amount of depth that we need; 5’) makes getting to anchorages a problem and we have to leave the ICW and go outside.  Good news is that we get to sail, bad news is that the ocean is more of a challenge.

As we came into the west side of Key Biscayne, we passed the light house.  While this water is a beautiful color, further out in the ocean, the color is an amazing azure blue.

Since we stopped early, we had time to put the dinghy into the water and do a little exploring.

We were able to get a couple of good pictures of “Blue Breeze” while we were in the dinghy.


While exploring in the dinghy, we met Charlie Langworthy, a fellow sailor from Ferrisburg, VT who was on his way to the Bahamas.  It’s a small world.

Tonight’s menu was pulled pork barbecue that we had made while in Lake Placid and frozen, southwestern corn, advacado with lime juice and a small baguette that was frozen and baked in our oven.  We completed our meal watching the sun set while enjoying chocolate and red wine.

We were treated to a beautiful sunset and it was very pleasant sitting outside and hoping to see a green flash as the sun set, but no luck this time.  It was the fitting end to a great day.

One of our friends wondered how we would obtain the level of exercise that we are accustomed to while at Lake Placid where we visit the fitness center most every day.  Not to be concerned….we both experience squats, pulling, pushing, and stretching, much of the day; especially while sailing and trimming the sails.  While we eat very well, we both have experienced weight loss!  Keep the questions and comments coming in.


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  1. Pretty sunsets, yet my favorite photo is your beautiful boat!

  2. Nice! Glad you are getting to enjoy some good weather now! The pictures really help support your narrative so thanks for sharing.

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